Dr. Kostadin Haralampiev

My name is Kostadin Haralampiev and I am the leading dental specialist at Mint Clinic. I come from a family of dentists and I started my own practice right after completing my Masters degree in Dental Medicine from Sofia Medical University.

I specialize in the field of implantology and I have attended a number of postgraduate courses and received qualifications in dental implantology and periodontology.

- 2009 – IFZI Bulgaria – Master Phantom Course in Implantology

- 2010 – Qualification courses in the field of dental implantology led by Dr. Kiril Dinov

- 2010 – Periodontics qualification course led by Professor André P. Saadoun, France.

- 2010 – Periodontics qualification course led by Dr. Olivier Bureno and Dr. Michelle Bravar, France.

- 2010 – Implantology qualification course and working with SKY Fast & Fixed и Sky Mini systems.

I am a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association since 2003 and the American Dental Association since 2010. I am also a Board member of the Implantology Club – a non-profit organization with the mission to promote dental implantology in Bulgaria. Its aim is to present the benefits of dental implant treatments to other dentists and demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of implantology.

I do believe that it is of utmost importance for dentists  to cooperate when it comes to complicated cases. That is why I am always ready to ask for or give a second opinion when necessary. I am fluent in English and French which allows me to constantly improve my skills and knowledge by participating in prestigious dental seminars and training forums across Europe, as well as present my research in conferences abroad.

Communication with patients is my priority and I spend as much time as necessary with each patient elaborating on their case, answering questions and giving a second opinion when needed. I enjoy doing it and it is a true pleasure to work with motivated and well-informed patients.

As a father of a lovely girl, I have hands-on experience with the joys of teething and children’s first teeth. What I also know is that all dental advice sounds perfectly reasonable on paper, but it is a challenge to act by the book in real life. Still, I believe that it is important to be persistent and try to do your best.

As the leading specialist in the clinic, I have built a team of young dentists who have little experience, but are very gifted and share the philosophy of Mint Clinic.

Who is working at Mint Clinic:

Kostadin Haralampiev, DDS

Ljuba Mladenova, DDS

Dena Alexova