Badly fractured teeth, especially these whose root canals have been treated, need a crown  to maintain their anatomy and protect them from fractures.

Crowns can be made from different materials that vary in both quality and price.

Mint Clinic works with crowns made of:

- Pure porcelain

- Zirconia

- Captek

- PFMs (porcelain-fused-to-metal)/Metal-ceramic

All types of crowns are placed only after shoulder preparation. This technique guarantees the optimal fitting of the crown to the gums.

We at Mint Clinic have years of experience with all types of materials and rely on excellent dental technicians for the lab work.



Bridges are placed where there is a missing tooth and their function is to cover the aesthetic defect, to keep the teeth next to it from deformation and to provide the necessary biting and cutting surface in the mouth. A bridge is made by filing down the teeth of either side of the missing tooth.

Precision during this preparatory procedure, lab work and fixing of the new structure are of critical importance for the long-term results of this treatment.

We at Mint Clinic make no compromise when our professional esteem is at stake. This may be time-consuming and may require extra effort, but this is the only way we can guarantee the quality of our dental treatments.

Unfortunately, when a bridge replaces a missing tooth there are potential complications which can appear later in time– one can lose the bone where there is no root or there might be other issues with the supporting teeth. The only alternative to prevent this kind of problems is to use implants instead of bridges.