Oral Surgery

On a daily basis we perform most general surgical manipulations such as extraction of wisdom teeth, fractured roots, periodontal surgery, soft tissue or bone grafting, etc.

We believe in team work and keep close contacts with medical specialists in different areas, so that we can consult them about your case when necessary. Giving and asking for a second opinion is a key part of Mint Clinic’s philosophy and we do it all the time.

Kids care

The first routine check-ups for your kids’ teeth are very important. In most cases, when a child visits Mint Clinic it is only so that they can get used to the atmosphere, meet the dentist, take a look at the “machines” and make sure there’s nothing scary about the dentist’s office. We rarely do a treatment on the first visit. This is the perfect time for parents to ask questions concerning their kids’ oral hygiene and the steps necessary to establish a proper teeth cleaning routine.

We recommend dental sealing when the first permanent teeth appear. These teeth have a very important function in the mouth and are supposed to be used the longest. Unfortunately, these are also the first to decay or to be extracted.

In case you need to see a dental doctor but have no babysitter available, you are welcome to come to Mint Clinic with your kids. We will take good care of them while you are having your treatment.